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I am an independent filmmaker based in London and the person behind I have been involved in the production of a wide range of films (see here), from numerous shorts to a feature film. I am particularly interested in directing but have found myself in different roles, ranging from acting to operating cameras. I mainly focus on drama and comedy, but always look for great story-telling. I am also keen to get involved with somebody else's ideas. After all, it is life itself that writes the most interesting stories. Feel free to contact me.

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Past projects

  • A coke-flavoured water (5 min) -- 2018 Director
  • Home (5 min) -- 2017 Director
  • Psych (1 min) -- 2016 Assistant Director
    Directed by Christopher Brooks
    Winner London Short Film's One Minute Horror competition
  • Head alert (4 min) -- 2016 Director of Photography
    Directed by Emily Wiles
  • Shut Eye (4 min) -- 2016 Assistant Director
    Directed by Lauren Cooney
  • Smoke City (4 min) -- 2016 Director
  • The Bench (5 min) -- 2016 Director
  • NUStandard (5 min) -- 2016 Second Unit Camera
    Directed by Alia Sheik
  • Sudden (7 min) -- 2015 Production manager
    Directed by Malcolm Greenhill
  • Through the lens (100 min) -- 2014 Camera assistant
    Directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift DOP: Christine Lloyd-Fitt
  • spark. (10 min) -- 2014 assistant director, actor
    Directed by Malcolm Greenhill
  • Bare knuckles (5 min) -- October 2013 Assistant Director Made for the 48 hour film competition in London.
    Directed by Malcolm Greenhill
  • Brandoing (2 min) -- June 2013 Production Assistant, short-listed for the Virgin Media shorts awards
    Directed by Malcolm Greenhill
  • Shrink (10 min) -- June 2012 Director of photography, Cameraman Directed by Toby Matthews
  • Vacant (5 min) -- February 2012 Director of photography, Cameraman
    Directed by Toby Matthews
  • Terra-former (7 min) -- January 2011 Actor, Camera assistant
    Directed by Malcolm Greenhill
  • The Raspberry Ribbon (5 min) -- 2010 Actor, Runner
    Winner Cambridgeshire Young People's Film Festival
    Directed by Marysia Clouter
  • A night at the observatory (5 min) -- February 2009
    Director, DOP, Actor

Production Photos

Brandoing (2013)

Virgin Media Shorts awards ceremony (2013)


For any queries regarding filming, feel free to email me.